Thursday, April 28, 2011

baca personaliti melalui jenis rambut

ingat tak baru- baru ni nikki is reporting post about rahsia bentuk muka? kali ni nikki is reporting akan post tentang rahsia jenis rambut lah pulak. kenapa?sebab, as usual, u have that kind of natural hair and the personality stated tak seperti yang anda inginkan, jangan la pegi buat rebonding atau pergi perm atau botakkan pulak rambut tu...and this is just for fun..glad kalau anda tak percayakannya=)

macam biasa, description will start with the owner. =P

Wavy hair

1. Wave signifies joy. A woman with her hair style is likely to include people with high self esteem happy. oh saya memang happy. and i love to include people into my happiness. jom- jom=)

Rambut lurus/straight hair

2. bijaksana, a stylish happy, cemburu, dan bijak dalam pengurusan. tengok rambut lah. pandai mengurus. that's why dia straight=)

Rambut negro/negro hair curls

3. less intelligent, stubborn, strong jealousy, romance, a lot of socializing, but difficult to solve the problem yourself, do not like staring,ego, jealousy, blind, romantic, choose and easily run amok atau membaran if difficult to solve the problem. semua yang buruk2 je?emmmm.

Kerinting/ Curly hair

4. intelligent, thinking before acting, open-minded, a lot of interaction, and easy to forgive a person with past mistakes. i have a friend with curly hair..and yes, she is open minded..maybe too open minded.

Rambut nipis/ Thin Hair

5. intelligent, always think negatively of a person, ego, and can even open a small business.

Blonde hair

6. less intelligent, open minded, forgiving, social and wise in escape from problems. this makes me think of legally blond=)

Rambut tebal/thick hair

7. intelligent, stubborn, jealous, romantic, rough, a lot of friends, and can take a person’s heart. semua nak intelligent payahla. carilah wanita yang berambut tebal kerana dia boleh memikat hati orang tua anda..hehe

no hair/ bald

8. errrr...besar betul kepala dia..sensitive, pampered, romantic, but slightly tempered, stubborn and intelligent adjust. stubborn, keras kepala, that's why tak ada rambut yang lekat..hehe..jangan marah..

yang mana satukah rambut anda?=)

by: Nik Husna Nik Ali


  1. rambut saya lurus..saya cemburu jugak :( alor..taknak cemburu bole..hehehe..

  2. pandai mengurus cik aliyah ni...hahhaa

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