Saturday, April 9, 2011

it's mercedes and ford van okay?

Have u ever drive on a highway and suddenly u saw an old van in the middle of the road driving slowly? you might as well cursed at the van for being so old and ugly. but hey, do you realize that the van is actually a Mercedes van or Ford van? yes it is!

maybe their van are much more expensive compare to your car! but of course it was 10 to 20 years ago. i have experience of cursing a van in front of me for driving oh so slow. the van was on the very right lane and it was suppose to be the fastest lane. i hanged behind the old exhausted van, and waited patiently. later after i got bored following the van's ass, i realized something. it was a Ford van! I was thinking, aren't all Ford cars suppose to be elegant and elite?pardon me for being so naive but the van is bringing 'Ford' name.

soon i realize, not every person in this world can afford to have such an elegant and elite cars. Having a car that has a brand is good enough for them although it is just a van. nikki is reporting is thankful that she has a viva that can bring her to the end of the world. haha.

by: Nik Husna Nik Ali

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