Thursday, May 5, 2011

why you should go cruising

hi everyone=) have you ever saw Titanic or Pisau Cukur? that's exactly what i did more or less. last weekend i went on cruising with my family to phuket and krabi island. it was great. now, i would like to recommend all of you to take a holiday on a cruise as you will never regret it. so now, let me tell you a little bit of what you should do to get on a cruise and what you will be doing when you are already on a cruise. so lets begin!=)

i took a cruise with a promotion of RM800++ because we went there by group. first, you will have to drive to jeti in penang in order to take the cruise.

so this is the jeti=)

then you'll get a room/deck card after you hand in your passport. mine is 7027..=)

you'll just have to wait for a while until you can get on the cruise. now switch off your phone and i promise there will be no interruption as you are at the middle of the sea and no one will disturb you=)

once you get on the cruise, you can go straight away to your room. so this is the room. it may look messy but it's very comfortable

you can try the swimming pool on a cruise as well. if you don't have a swimming suit, don't worry. you can buy from the cruise for only rm50.=)

the food is fantastic people. and this is on the first day of boarding

while you are on a cruise, you can enjoy live band by great singer. i heard they joined gangstarz on tv3=)

she's from 3.5 group in gangstarz

basically, this is the tentative on the cruise. i joined all of it. a warning, you may forget the land=)

happy hour. look at my face. happy isn't it?haha...

so why wait? go cruising now. i promise it will be a great experience for you. take superstar libra cruise if you want to get out of massive phone calls and hide yourself from people. this cruise will take you to phuket and Krabi Island Thailand and bring you back to penang after 4 days. it's a 4 days and 3 nights trip.

once you're on land, you're back to reality. when you're on cruise, you will forget everything as in EVERYTHING=)

By: Nik Husna Nik Ali


  1. OMG!satu ahri nanti,mesti nak nek cruise version of pisau cukur and titanic.haha.krabi island cantiik tak nik?

  2. waaaa...cuti-cutian nampak...hahaha..i am still in study mood!!..waaaa short sem is killing me now!! :P

  3. ana, krabi island cantik=D...sesuai kalau ama suka beach..hehehehe...
    hanis, i'm taking short sem too...tapi minggu lepas ponteng..hahahaha

  4. wah!!! bestnyerrrrrrrrrrrr.. i wish i could be there too. =)


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